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Open Jam Night

Colorado Springs

Jam Night

The Mission
To play without the hassle.

Singers and musicians!!!!!
There are a lot of talented people out there who just don't have the time or money to form a band. All the equipment can be expensive and finding a place for everyone to practice all the songs needed to get a gig can be difficult. We want to create the perfect outlet for these people.
We own, setup and tear down all the equipment, and there is no need to spend all the time perfecting 50 songs for the night. Just practice a few of your favorites and come be a rock star for the night.

So, here is what we came up with:
We are creating a website where individuals, full bands or even partial bands can sign up to play a few songs at a local bar / restaurant. We will be providing the P.A. system including all mic's and stands, a fully mic'd drum set, a bass amp, guitar amp and a way for others to plug in directly to the P.A. System. When people sign up on the website to play, they will have the ability to request other musicians to join them in the song. Just add the name of the song and the names of each person who will be playing or singing.

Below is an example.
Song Lead singer backup vocal 1 Lead guitar. rhythm guitar. Bass. drums
American girl. Bob. Cindy. Bob. Needed. Jim. Mike

In the example above we can see that Bob, Cindy, Mike and Jim want to play the song american girl and they are looking for a rhythm guitarist to join them indicated by the word "needed" in the rhythm guitar field. If they were not looking for a rhythm guitarist you would enter the word "none" in that field. This lets everyone know that you are not looking for anyone to join you. If a musician browsing the site knows the song and would like to join them, they can replace the word "Needed" with their own name. This creates a very well organized session. Everyone will know what they are playing, and when they are playing before they even show up that evening. It also allows for everyone to practice the song or songs before the jam night. This differs from open mic nights where most of the time you don't know what you will be playing until your about to play the song. Established bands will be allowed to come play a few songs and promote themselves as to when and where they will be playing next without the hassle of setting everything up and tearing down later. Just show up, play and plug your band. If you play an instrument or sing but don't have a band to play with, we encourage you to show up to a jam night. Maybe you have a great AC/DC voice, if so, we feel for your failing vocal chords but we envy your talent.
Come meet other musicians to form a band so you can sign up for the next jam night. Each night is not just a night to play but also an opportunity to meet others to play with in the future.

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