Colorado Springs Live Band
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Colorado Springs Live Band

Welcome to Jam Night! Attention Bar Owners!

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The problem:

    You can hire a live band for cheap with a small following.
    But, you suffer in sales from the smaller crowd.

    You can pay big bucks for a live band that has a much larger following.
    But, the price of the band may limit your profits.

The Environment:

    There are a lot of extremely talented musicians lying "Dormant". They've played in bands before, but life happens, musicians run out of time and money.

    Many people absolutely hate spending time setting up and tearing down equipment every gig only to spend a lot more time setting up again for the next practice.

    Some musicians have turned to open mic nights just to be able to play for a short time. Unfortunately, many open mic nights end up very chaotic and unorganized.

The Objective:

    Draw big band crowds and profits for less than big band prices.

The Solution:

    We wanted to create an outlet for all these musicians that is much more organized than what an open mic night can offer. So, here is what we came up with:

  • We will be providing the P.A. system including all mic's and stands, a fully mic'd drum set, a bass amp, guitar amp and a way for others to plug in directly to the P.A. System.

  • When people sign up to play, they will have the ability to request other musicians to join them in the song. For example, if a 3 piece band would like a rhythm guitarist to join them for a song, they would enter the word "Needed" in the rhythm guitar field.

  • If a musician browsing the site knows the song and would like to join them, they can replace the word "Needed" with their own name. This creates a very well organized session.

  • We have created a website where individuals or entire bands can sign up to play a few songs.

Live local bands for hire. CLICK HERE:

Joe Apsey-Vaugn ~ Black Forest / Colorado Springs, CO

We love this band! This is a great Front Range Party Band with a great list of songs. They played a work party for my employees at my home in Black Forest and they played classic songs that everyone enjoyed and covered the age gap.

Cletus Schwan ~ just a face in the crowd, Colorado Springs, CO

What a great classic rock band! These guys were fun to hang with between sets and the played great. They're a respectible crew of of musicians that I would recommend to anyone looking to hire a local band.

Jonna and Roman Slaybaugh ~ Castle Rock, CO

The crowd completely enjoyed your performance and some have even asked for your information. I gave them your information. I think it all went better than expected. You guys showed up on time and were very professional. Let me know if you ever need a referral for a future customer. I am positive that this only the first of many of your appearance at some Slaybaugh gatherings!!!! Much Appreciation!

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